Tua Pek Kong (Grand Uncle Deity)
‘Zuo Zhuan’ (The Chronicle of Zuo) mentions that: “Wherever there is a shrine, there is a Tu Di Shen or Tu Di Gong (Earth God or Tua Pek Kong). Tu Di Gong is the guardian of the shrine, being a revered lordly figure.” Tu Di Gong is affectionately known as Tua Pek Kong. Other similar references include ‘Fu De Zheng Shen’, ‘Du De Lao Ye’, ‘Tu Di Bo Gong’, Tu Di Gong’, ‘Tu Di Ye’, ‘Tu Gong’, ‘Tu Di’, ‘Tu Bo’, ‘Tu Zheng’, ‘She Shen’, ‘She Gong’ and ‘She Guan’. Tu Di Shen (Tua Pek Kong) is one of the most revered deities among Chinese folk religion worshippers and Taoists. The deity is widely worshipped in areas where the Han ethnic group resides. It is a folk deity believed to be possessing the divine power of granting wealth and benevolence to the people, as the guardian of the earth. In Chinese traditions and culture, Tu Di Gong is widely revered for his divine power in granting good fortune, wealth, peace, good harvest and protection against the intrusion of evil spirits. The powerful Tu Di Gong is a divine figure that is believed to be commanding a close relationship with the common people, by safeguarding their well-beings.